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单词:perpetrate & perpetuate
索引词:perpetrate & perpetuate
例文:(1) perpetrate [ˈpɜ:pətreit] v.t. to do something that is morally wrong or illegal = commit 犯罪,作恶,施暴,行凶 perpetration [ˌpɜ:pəˈtreiʃən] n[U] perpetrator [ˈpɜːpətreitə] n[C, Formal] a person who commits a crime or offence 为非作歹者 [例1] In order to combat impunity and secure convictions of rapists and those who perpetrate sexual violence, it is clear that national criminal justice systems must cease to follow such gender-biased rules of evidence. 为了抵制有罪不受处罚现象并将犯有强奸和性暴力罪行的歹徒定罪,国家刑事司法系统显然必须停止沿用有性别偏见的证据规则。 [例2] In 2009, the Temporary Domestic Exclusion Order Act entered into force. Under this act, perpetrators of domestic violence may be excluded temporarily from their homes, so that the victims may continue to live there. 《临时家庭驱逐令法》于2009年生效。根据这部法律,可以将实施家庭暴力者暂时从住宅中驱逐出去,受害人就可以继续在家宅中居住。 [例3] The Committee is further concerned that the sanctions for sexual harassment and abuse in schools are lenient and that teachers working in the education system who are perpetrators of sexual violence are merely transferred to other schools. 委员会进而关切的是:对校内性骚扰和性虐待行为的处罚轻,教育系统内任职的教师如果实施性暴力,只会被调到其他学校。 [例4] Thus, El Salvador said that the death penalty was mandatory under its Code of Military Justice for treason, espionage and rebellion perpetrated in an international war. 因此,萨尔瓦多称,根据本国《军事司法法典》,对于在国际战争中犯下叛国罪、间谍罪和叛乱罪的人,必须判处死刑。 [例5] Somalia said that ‘[a]s the Government extends its authority in those areas, it is committed to eradicating the practice of death by stoning while working towards declaring a moratorium on the death penalty. The perpetrators of such crimes will be held accountable for their actions.’ 索马里表示“随着政府扩大在这些地区的威信,政府致力于取缔以石刑处决犯人的做法,同时谋求宣告暂缓执行死刑。犯有此类罪行者其行为将被追究责任。” [例6] Their work helps to deter violence, provide remedies to victims, hold perpetrators criminally accountable through fair trials and ensure safe, secure and humane imprisonment, thereby instilling public trust and confidence in rule of law mechanisms. 它们的工作有助于震慑暴力,为受害人提供救济,通过公正审判追究犯罪分子的刑事责任,确保安全、可靠及人道的监禁刑罚,由此逐步培养公众对法治机制的信任和信心。 [例7] In addition, whereas in the past domestic abuse of a child could only legally occur between a child and its parent, the legal definition of child abuse has now been extended to include abuse perpetrated by a guardian against a child for whom he/she is legally responsible. 另外,鉴于以往依照法律对儿童的家庭虐待只能发生在儿童及其父/母亲之间,现在虐待儿童的法律定义已经引申而包括对儿童负有法定监护义务的监护人对儿童实施的虐待。 [例8] Strong justice and corrections institutions, together with accountable police and law enforcement agencies, which fully respect human rights, are critical for restoring peace and security in the immediate post-conflict period. They allow for perpetrators of crimes to be brought to justice, encourage the peaceful resolution of disputes and restore trust and social cohesion based on equal rights. 强大的司法和惩戒机构,连同须负责任的警察和执法机构,充分尊重人权,它们对于在当前的冲突后时期恢复和平及安全至关重要。它们使犯罪分子被绳之以法,鼓励和平解决争端,恢复以平等权利为基础的信任和社会融合。 [例9] The Committee urges Aruba to promptly enact legislation providing for temporary restraining orders to be imposed on perpetrators of domestic violence (Recommendation 27). 委员会敦促阿鲁巴及时制订法律,规定对实施家庭暴力的人适用临时限制令(第二十七项建议)。 [例10] In the Declaration of the High-level Meeting on the Rule of Law, Member States stated their commitment to ensuring that impunity is not tolerated for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity or for violations of international humanitarian law and gross violations of human rights law. They also committed to ensuring that such violations are properly investigated and appropriately sanctioned, including by bringing the perpetrators of any crimes to justice, through national mechanisms or, where appropriate, regional or international mechanisms, in accordance with international law. 在《法治问题高级别会议宣言》中,会员国们承诺,对于灭绝种族罪、战争罪和危害人类罪,对于违反国际人道主义法行为和严重违反人权法行为,确保绝不容许存在有罪不罚的现象。它们还承诺,确保对于此类违法行为要进行适当调查,给予适当制裁,包括通过国家机制,或根据国际法酌情通过区域或国际机制,将任何罪行的实施者绳之以法。
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