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单词:accountability, duty, liability, obligation & responsibility
索引词:accountability, duty, liability, obligation & responsibility
例文:汉语中的“责任/负责”一词含有多重意思:① 既表示对事务、工作等的义务,② 也表示对它们的权力(也就是“主管”),③ 还表示不履行这方面的义务或滥用这方面的权力要承担的不利后果。这几个单词在法律文件中都与负责/责任/义务有关,意思又有区别。 (1) accountability [əˌkaʊntəˈbiləti] n[U] accountable [əˈkaʊntəbl] adj. responsible accountable/accountability 侧重“责任”第一和第三方面。它常构成下面的短语: accountable to sb for sth 应当对……负责,应当对……作出解释,应当对……有交代 hold sb accountable for sth 要求某人对某事负责 [例1] Each State Party shall, in accordance with the fundamental principles of its legal system, take appropriate measures to promote transparency and accountability in the management of public finances. 各缔约国均应当根据本国法律制度的基本原则采取适当措施,促进公共财政管理的透明度和问责制。 [例2] As the Government extends its authority in those areas, it is committed to eradicating the practice of death by stoning while working towards declaring a moratorium on the death penalty. The perpetrators of such crimes will be held accountable for their actions. 随着政府扩大在这些地区的威信,政府致力于取缔以石刑处决犯人的做法,同时谋求宣告暂缓执行死刑。犯有此类罪行者其行为将被追究责任。 [例3] The Council notes that the Darfur Peace Agreement stipulates the principles of enhancing accountability and preventing impunity. It calls on all parties to uphold the principles which are equally applicable to States and non-State actors and to cooperate fully in the implementation of the Agreement. 理事会注意到,《达尔富尔和平协定》规定了加强问责和防止有罪不罚的原则。理事会呼吁所有各方维护这些同样适用于国家和非国家行为方的原则,并在执行该协定方面充分进行合作。 [例4] This new vision is fully captured by the proposed SDG 4 “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” and its corresponding targets. It is transformative and universal, attends to the ‘unfinished business’ of the EFA agenda and the education-related MDGs, and addresses global and national education challenges. It is inspired by a humanistic vision of education and development based on human rights and dignity; social justice; inclusion; protection; cultural, linguistic and ethnic diversity; and shared responsibility and accountability. 这一新愿景完全体现在了拟议的可持续发展目标4(“为所有人确保包容、公平的优质教育并促进终身学习机会”)及其相关具体目标之中。新愿景既具有变革性也具有普遍性,致力于全民教育议程和与教育有关的千年发展目标的“未竞事业”,应对全球和国家的教育挑战。它吸取了人文主义的教育和发展观,其基础是人权和尊严,社会正义,包容,保护,文化、语言和民族多样性,共担责任和义务。 [例5] The Director of Portfolio Management, along with the Chief Investment Officer, coordinates all global portfolio management activities and monitors portfolios for compliance with XYZ’s internal guidelines. The Director of Research ensures consistent adherence to XYZ’s disciplined research methodology. Our team-driven, collaborative environment provides for group oversight of the research and investment process, with analysts, portfolio managers and the Director of Research ultimately accountable for stock recommendations. 投资组合管理总监与首席投资官一起,对所有全球投资组合管理活动加以协调,并监督投资组合遵守XYZ内部指导准则的情况。研究总监确保XYZ的自律研究方法能够得到始终如一的遵守。我们的团队起带动作用,充满合作气氛,可以对研究和投资流程进行集体监督,并由分析师、基金经理和研究总监对股票建议承担最终责任。 [例6] With these controls in place, we are confident in our ability to offer a “Templeton portfolio” to all of our clients. The full accountability and oversight of our Director of Portfolio Management-Institutional and Chief Investment Officer, as well as regular peer review of all portfolios, minimizes the risk of “rogue traders” and ensures that every client benefits from our best thinking. Breaches are addressed by the Director of Portfolio Management and dealt with on an individual basis. 有了这些控制机制,我们相信自己能为所有客户提供一款“XYZ的投资组合”。投资组合管理总监及首席投资官全面负责和督导,再加上对所有投资组合进行的定期同侪审核机制,我们就可以最大限度地减少产生“魔鬼交易员(rogue traders)”的风险,使每一位客户都能从我们公司最佳的投资理念中受益。投资组合管理总监负责处理违反规定的行为,处理措施落实到每个人层面。
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